There are currently 7 different paths in the dungeon.

Danger path

Dangerous Path - Leads to falling rocks that usually cannot be broken by punching or spikes with green explosive zombies. Ends with a powerup or a food item, as well as 2 treasure chests or a treasure chest with an idol.

Branching Path

Forked Path - Leads to more choices

Boss branching

Egg Path - Leads to three egg options: turning into a gnome and fighting hornets, riding a laseraptor and shooting triceratops heads, or jumping as a goaticorn goring larries. You are invulnerable during each of these segments and will not lose hearts. This path is weighted so it will automatically appear if you have not seen an egg in awhile compared to the other paths where are random.

Question path

Random Path - Random

Punch path

Punch Path - Leads to an increase of enemies. Enemies can be randomized or of only 1 type. Usually ends in a powerup that gives you a random supermove, unless you already have a supermove active. If so, then with Ultra Power Up upgrade, it will give you an ultramove. The path can also end with a food item.

Treasure Path

Treasure Path - Leads to a dangerous path that has usually 2 treasure chests or 1 treasure and 1 idol. Consists of multiple paths, such as one where snak pots rain down on you, dealing damage when hit from above and releasing a snak when broken. Another path is where there is a multitude of flame traps. There is also a parkour-based path that involves jumping on pillars to avoid falling on spikes. Additionally, there is a small variant where there is not many pillars, but rather many platforms above that can be reached with strategic jumping usually having extra chests, imp sacks, or idols. Finally, there is a simple path where there is an increase of enemies.

Boss branching2

Boss Path - Leads to one of 3 bosses: Cyclops Den, Haunted Megaskull or CYBERclops. Ends with idols, treasure chests, or skull piles.