1) Cap (1000 Punchos) - Cap with a FIST patch. Awarded to Punchzerker babies upon birth.

2) Fedora (1000 Punchos) - Your basic adventuring hat. Inappropriate to wear if not adventuring.

3) Bandana (1000 Punchos) - Looks dynamic, and keeps the sweat from running into your eyes.

4) Spangenhelm (1000 Punchos) - A very common helmet, mostly due to it being cheap to make.

  • W. Spangenhelm (Ultra Hat Variation) - Only wearable as an ultra hat, has an extra mask piece on front. 
  • C. Spangenhelm (Ultra Hat Variation) - Same as the W. Spangenhelm, but with a jaw piece added for a full helmet. 

5) Turban (1000 Punchos) - Guaranteed to stay impeccably wrapped around your head.

6) Skullcap (1000 Punchos) - A leather skullcap, both protective and stylish.

7) Vintage Specs (1000 Punchos) - Doesn't have any glass in the frames, don't tell anyone.

8) Goggles (1000 Punchos) - Somehow permanently stuck in the "up" position.

9) Eyepatch (1000 Punchos) - Trades depth perceptions for style. It's a good trade, I think.

10) Hoop Earrings (1000 Punchos) - Probably a bad idea to wear these while fighting, but whatever.

11) Gnomey Cap (1000 Punchos) - Understand what makes Gnomey tick. really get inside his head.

12) Reverse Cap (1000 Punchos) - Like the other cap, but designed to only be worn backwards.

13) Prospector Cap (3000 Punchos) - The leading no-nonsense cap, designed for dangerous work.

14) Duster (3000 Punchos) - Edgier than a fedora, the rogue adventurer's choice.

15) Great Helm (3000 Punchos) - Impedes vision and your ability to breathe, but what a great helm.

16) Widebrim (3000 Punchos) - Looks great when riding a dinosaur, falling off cliff into spikes.

17) Armet (3000 Punchos) - Hinged construction allows you to actually take this helmet off.

18) Pirate Rag (3000 Punchos) - For pirates, any other head scarf is considered a fashion faux pas.

19) Bascinet (3000 Punchos) - Modern helmet that actually let's you kind of see where you're going.

  • V. Basicinet (Ultra Hat Only) - Ultra hat variation with a chain mask instead of a gap. 

20) Pagri (3000 Punchos) - An elaborate turban, well known as the fanciest cloth hat there is.

21) Barbute (3000 Punchos) - Intimidating helmet made from hammering a single piece of steel.

22) Devil Horns (3000 Punchos) - You've always found it difficult to find a hat that fits your head.

23) Kabuto (3000 Punchos) - Usually these are fancier. This is a discount one, still nice.

24) Sedge Hat (3000 Punchos) - If you want an extremely conical hat, this is the way to go.

25) Smarty Specs (3000 Punchos) - Carefully calculating trajectories as you uppercut bats.

26) Wizard Hat (3000 Punchos) - I'M A WIZARD

27) Doc Reflector (9000 Punchos) - Welcome to the office of Dr. Punchstuff, M.D.

28) Shades (9000 Punchos) - So cool.

29) Goblin Ears (9000 Punchos) - You've always found it difficult to find a hat that fits your head.

30) Sallet (9000 Punchos) - Lacks the piece that protects your jaw, but looks cooler this way.

31) Ninja Hood (9000 Punchos) - Stealthy punchassination as you blast through doors and so on.

32) Sammich (9000 Punchos) - Really misunderstanding the whole sandwich concept here.

33) Cyclops Mask (9000 Punchos) - Finally look as good as a cyclops does.

34) Berzerker Helm (9000 Punchos) - Lets your enemies know for certain that you're about to flip out.

35) Bearhide (9000 Punchos) - No bears hurt in the making of this hat.

36) Tiki Mask (9000 Punchos) - Represents the truly underappreciated god of Punching and Lunching.

37) Minotaur Head (9000 Punchos) - No Minotaurs hurt in the making of this hat. Well, maybe one.

38) Bone Mask (9000 Punchos) - Don a grinning skull when embarking on your rampage.

39) Top Hat (20,000 Punchos) - For hat connoisseurs with refined tastes.

40) Tiny Hat (20,000 Punchos) - Tiny hats are so in right now. Very expensive, considering.

41) Horse Head (20,000 Punchos) - What a nice horse.

42) Blindfold (20,000 Punchos) - I have mastered punching. I no longer need my senses.

Special Hats (These are no longer available as of update 1.2)

1) Rocketcat Special (Buy one IAP pack) - What a nice rocket cat.

2) Madegarden Special (Buy one IAP pack) - Bites your head ON.

  • This is also where Ultra Hats are located.


1) Haircut (1000 Punchos) - Pick up scissors, cut off ponytail, done.

2) Bald (1000 Punchos) - Who needs hair? Not you.

3) Bowl Cut (1000 Punchos) - The second laziest haircut currently available.

4) Short Hair (3000 Punchos) - A styled look that doesn't get in the way.

5) Cornrows (3000 Punchos) - Hair closely braided for better punch aerodynamics.

6) Clown Hair (3000 Punchos) - Nothing good can come from this.

7) Pompadour (3000 Punchos) - Punch school delinquents.

8) Beehive (3000 Punchos) - Never forget: Huge hair means HUGE POWER.

9) Powdered Wig (3000 Punchos) - Fake hair that contains real lice. Height of Fashion.

10) Afro (9000 Punchos) - One enormous cloud of hair.

11) Mohawk (9000 Punchos) - So tough. Try to imagine a tougher hairstyle.


1) Cursed Mask (1000 Punchos) - Bearers are anti-magical, not invited to wizard parties.

2) Soul Patch (1000 Punchos) - A tiny beard for your chin. Official facial hair of my dad.

3) Menpo (1000 Punchos) - Face armor that protects the nose and jaw.

4) Goatee (1000 Punchos) - Well ACTUALLY this is a Van Dyke beard, *NOT* a goatee.

5) The Stache (1000 Punchos) - You know. It's a stache.

6) Beard (3000 Punchos) - Going for the full beard, I see. Excellent choice.

7) Handlebar (3000 Punchos) - Very dapper.

8) Horsehoe (3000 Punchos) - Moustache with a little bit of beard smuggled in there.

9) Hermit (3000 Punchos) - The moustache of choice for people that don't care anymore.

10) Fu Manchu (3000 Punchos) - A long moustache, growing from the upper lip down to chin.

11) Muttonchops (3000 Punchos) - Beards for your ears. Never truly in style.

12) Ninja Mask (3000 Punchos) - Multi-purpose, also completes the doctor and bandit looks.

13) Somen (3000 Punchos) - A small, armored mask designed to be worn under a helmet.

14) Clown Nose (3000 Punchos) - Ugh.

15) Giant Lips (9000 Punchos) - Cosmetics run amok.

16) Flynn (9000 Punchos) - Can only be described as dashing.

17) Guy (20,000 Punchos) - A mask portraying the face of some Guy.

Mystery Items - These are attained by buying IAP purchases. There are 19 in total.

Mystery Hats

1) Regal Crown - A hat well suited for the crowned monarch of Punchalot Castle.

2) Bat Mask - I... am... a bat man. Legal note: Not capitalized, two separate words.

3) Officer's Cap - General Skull has never lost a battle, but his hat has been stolen a lot.

4) Fist Hat - "Merry Fistmas" (punching evil wizard boss so hard, it explodes twice)

5) Chivalrous Helm - Represents all the Knight's Values: loyalty, eating stuff, punching.

6) Dark Hood - An ornate hood, lets you pretend you're performing sneaky punching.

7) Bee Head - Be the BEE.

8) Beanie Cap - A magical nerd hat, rewired to operate on PUNCH POWER. 

9) Princess Cap - Made famous by legendary warrior-princess RePUNCHzel.

10) Bowler Hat - Basically a fedora with the crease punched out of it.

11) Football Helmet - Sporting helmet of the ancient precursor to FISTBALL.

12) Spartan Helm - Just a piece of the much larger Sfulltan Helm.

13) Saucelifter Special - Tiny aliens attempt to abduct your head. 

14) Rocketcat Special (used to be available as an IAP purchase) - What a nice rocket cat. 

Mystery Hair

1) Super Slayin Hair - The first in a long series of anime hairstyles we're putting in updates.

2) Beguiling Hair - The hair of a fighter with a really catchy theme song.

Mystery Faces

1) Steel Jaw - Eating walnuts used to be a problem. Not anymore. Not ever again.