The game currently offers:

3 Punchos Packs:

75,000 Punchos Pack ($1.99 USD) - Contains 75,000 coins, enough to get a great start on buying hats or powers.

250,000 Punchos Pack ($4.99 USD) - The second largest pack. 250,000 coins will let you buy a huge amount of hats.

1,000,000 Punchos Pack ($14.99 USD) - The biggest value. 1,000,000 coins will let you buy even the priciest loot!

A Punchos Doubler ($2.99 USD) - Everything will permanently guve twice as many coins as normal, even Gnomey!

Donate A Buck ($.99) - Like the game but don't want to buy coins? Tip us a dollar, instead!

By puchasing any of these IAP you will recieve a mystery item!