In the dungeon there are different "items" that you come across.

Idols - Punch them to acquire them. Bronze give you about 20 punchos, Silver gives 40, etc

Treasure Chests - Punch them to gain PUNCHOS. Usually between 40 - 50

Imp Sacks - Punch them to gain PUNCHOS. Usually between 20 - 30

Vases - Punch them to break them. May contain a snak.

Statues - Punch them to break them. Counts as a vase for missions.

Eggs - Punch them to break them. You will either ride on a Lazerraptor, a rabid Goaticorn or become a Gnome.

Torches - Punch them to break them off of the wall. Uppercuts work better than dash punches. Can count as a foe

Power Food - Gives 1 heart and increases the power bar. If you have a super move, you will gain an ultra move instead. Glows an golden color.

Ancestrial Food - Gives an extra heart over your first heart, even if you are at full health. (It will turn blue) Glows a blue color.

Mutagenetic Food - All enemies turn into hallucinations and will not damage you. Note, however, that the hallucinations can still make you flinch and end a combo. They glow and change color constantly, very similar to how food items do.