(As of update 1.2.7, all updates related to branching paths are now automatic.  The Ultra Fashion option was moved to the color selector screen,  The Hat Re-roll option was removed entirely and made an option within the Ultra Hats.)

Blocking Ability (10 PunchosYou now automatically have it) - Allows you to block by pressing punch and uppercut at the same time.

Ultra Survival (500 Punchos) - If you are down to one heart, your next super will be an ultra.

Power Food (1,000 Punchos) - Gives you an extra heart if you punch it.

Silver Idol (2,000 Punchos) - Silver idols now appear.

Punchos Doubler (IAP) - Everything will permanently give twice as many coins as normal, even Gnomey!

Ultra Power Up (4,000 Punchos) - If you gain more energy during a super it become an Ultra.

Ancestral Food (6,000 Punchos) - Give you an armor heart instead of a regular one.

Gold Idol (8,000 Punchos) - Makes gold idols appear.

Mutagenic Food (10,000 Punchos) - Gain a heart and temporary invulnerability.

Ultra Rampage (15,000 Punchos) - If you get a combo of 90 or more your next super will be an ultra.

Diamond Idol (20,000 Punchos) - Makes diamond idols appear.

Ultra Master (30,000 Punchos) - A combo of 60 or more makes the next super an ultra. (Overlaps Ultra Rampage) You can only get this if you buy Punchos Doubler or a Hat Ability (latter not confirmed)

Hat Of Sacrifice (50,000 Punchos) - A hit that would have killed you will knock off you hat, instead.

Hat Of Retribution (80,000 Punchos) - You get an instant Supermove when you hat is knocked off.

Trademark Hat (80,000 Punchos) - Rerolling a hat has a 50% chance of having it look like your equipped hat.

Hat Of Last Hope (200,000 Punchos) - Your Supermove when you lose your hat is upgraded to an Ultra, instead.

The Final Hat (200,000 Punchos) - Once per game, getting a 60 hit combo will replace a knocked off hat.