• CamelCase

    Best Skill Combos

    February 9, 2014 by CamelCase

    Hello Punch Questers! Welcome to CamelCase's Guide to...

    Here I'll be showing you some of my best combos and some of your best combos. Let's start with some offensive combos (ones that allow you to annihilate an entire field of Orcs).

    These combos are great if you want a stack of combos and are willing to lose hearts in the process. Rarghh!! Testosterone surge!

    Instant Sunrise (Big Dash, Ki Chain and Exploding Fist)

    This one is really good if you want to try and speedrun a section (say you're in one of those hazard sections that has inexplicable falling rocks). It allows you to blitz anything in your path while getting rid of any pesky hangers-on. Blast past with speed and skill! 

    • Pros: Great for clearing sections with a lot of tough enemies (O…

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